In the pursuit of delivering exceptional dental care, our practice takes a bold step forward with the integration of an onsite dental lab. Our team recognizes the transformative impact of having a fully equipped dental laboratory within the practice’s premises.

Unveiling the Onsite Dental Lab

An onsite dental lab is a facility within our practice where skilled technicians work hand-in-hand with Dr. Rebecca Hausten to craft dental restorations and appliances. This strategic integration allows for a seamless and efficient process, ensuring that the fabrication of dental prosthetics aligns with our commitment to delivering high-quality and timely care.

Advantages of In-House Dental Fabrication

The proximity of our onsite dental lab facilitates direct communication between our dentist and the lab technicians. This collaboration enhances precision in crafting custom restorations, crowns, bridges and other dental appliances. This ensures beautiful cosmetics by custom shading and shaping of your dental restorations so they look natural. Patients benefit from faster turnaround times, as the entire fabrication process is streamlined within our practice, minimizing external dependencies. 

Quality Control and Customization

Having an onsite dental lab enables stringent quality control measures. Dr. Hausten can oversee every step of the fabrication process, ensuring that each restoration meets our exacting standards. Additionally, the close collaboration allows for customization, ensuring that dental prosthetics are tailored to match the unique needs and preferences of each patient.

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