Dental implant restorations represent a revolutionary approach to replacing missing teeth, offering patients durable and natural-looking solutions. Dr. Rebecca Hausten, our skilled dentist, provides two common types of dental implant restorations: single crowns and implant-supported All-on-4® implant appliances. 

Single Crowns: Precision and Aesthetics

Dental implant-supported single crowns are designed to replace individual missing teeth. Crafted with precision and tailored to match the surrounding natural teeth, these crowns provide seamless aesthetics and restore functionality.


Implant-Supported and All-on-4 Implants: Comprehensive Full-Arch Solutions

For patients missing multiple or all teeth in an arch, implant-supported appliances, such as the All-on-4 implants, offer a comprehensive solution. These appliances utilize strategically placed implants to support a full arch of prosthetic teeth. Dr. Hausten emphasizes the benefits of stability, improved chewing function and enhanced aesthetics with these advanced implant-supported solutions.


Treatment Planning and Implant Placement

The success of dental implant restorations lies in thorough treatment planning and precise implant placement. Our team conducts comprehensive evaluations, considering bone health, oral anatomy and patient preferences. 

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are essential for the longevity of dental implant restorations. We guide patients on oral hygiene practices, regular check-ups and any additional care specific to their implant-supported restoration. 

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