In the dynamic realm of modern dentistry, the integration of state-of-the-art dental technology has become pivotal in providing optimal patient care. Our office is committed to leveraging technological advancements to enhance diagnostic precision, treatment efficacy and overall patient experience.

Diagnostic Advancements for Informed Care

Dental technology has redefined diagnostics, offering a range of tools that provide comprehensive insights into oral health. Advanced imaging techniques and digital diagnostic tools enable Dr. Rebecca Hausten to conduct thorough examinations, aiding in early detection of issues and informed treatment planning.

Our technologies include:

Efficiency and Precision in Treatment

Technological innovations have streamlined various dental procedures, promoting efficiency and precision. Cutting-edge tools enable our practice to design and fabricate restorations with meticulous accuracy. This not only expedites treatment processes but also ensures a tailored and precise fit for each patient.

Comfortable and Minimally Invasive Solutions

Dental technology has ushered in a new era of comfort and minimally invasive treatments. These technologies, embraced by our dentist and team, provide alternatives for both soft and hard tissue procedures, ensuring patient comfort, reduced recovery times and, in some cases, a decreased need for anesthesia. 

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