Removable dentures offer a versatile and effective solution for individuals seeking to restore function and aesthetics to their smiles. At our office, we are happy to offer different types of removable dentures, including full dentures, partial dentures and overdentures. 

Full Dentures: Complete Tooth Replacement

Full dentures are designed to replace an entire set of missing teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. Crafted from durable materials, full dentures provide a natural-looking smile and restore essential functions like chewing and speaking. Dr. Rebecca Hausten ensures a customized fit for optimal comfort and functionality.

Partial Dentures: Addressing Specific Tooth Gaps

Partial dentures are suitable for individuals with some natural teeth remaining. They consist of replacement teeth attached to a framework that clasps onto existing teeth, filling the gaps seamlessly. Our dentist and team carefully design partial dentures to achieve a harmonious blend with the natural dentition. 

Overdentures: Stability and Support

Overdentures are removable dentures that are secured onto dental implants for enhanced stability. This option provides improved support, prevents bone loss and offers a more secure fit compared to traditional removable dentures. Dr. Hausten evaluates each case to determine the suitability of overdentures based on individual needs. 

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are essential for the longevity and effectiveness of removable dentures. Our team educates patients on cleaning routines, storage practices and regular check-ups to ensure optimal oral health and denture functionality. 

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