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See What Our Great Patients Have to Say About Rebecca Hausten, DDS

“I have always appreciated Dr. Hausten’s friendliness and warmth during my office visits. She and her staff always make me feel welcome and comfortable each time. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”
-Steve Linhardt

“I have been treated by Dr. Hausten for over 20 years. She is always professional and does her job very well. She has a great personality and is concerned about the patient’s well-being.”
-Don Wacyk

“When going to Dr. Rebecca Hausten’s office, I am always treated very well. I have been with Dr. Hausten for a long time and she has always made me feel right at home.”
-Asher Deitch

“As is true probably with many patients, I have trepidations coming to a dentist, but I find my experience in this office as satisfying as can be. Dr. Hausten is efficient, capable, direct, and always willing to share her experience to enhance a patient’s well-being. The office makes a patient feel welcome with a friendly smile and helpful attitude. We have come here for three years since returning to Wheaton and would recommend this office to those who are in need of good dental care.”
-Hans Oeh ring

“While going to the dentist is never very much fun… my experience with Dr. Hausten and family has always been positive. I have known Dr. Hausten for well over 20 years. She has taken care of me and my family for the whole time. I have the most respect for her work, ability, and professionalism. She has always helped to put my needs first in every way. I truly appreciate all she has done for me over the years.”
-Cindy Vegter

“After my husband passed away three years ago, I received a call from a wonderful friend that was wondering how I was doing. Needless to say, that day was very hopeful for me, and let me believe that I would not only have a new life but a great friend.

“I made an appointment with Dr. Hausten, and have been seeing her for over one year. I feel better, smile more, and believe that I found my “ANGEL” during that phone call. The compassion alone that Dr. Hausten has shown, has made me more confident, pretty, and the happiness she has provided for me is unbelievable.

I cannot thank Dr. Hausten enough for her talents, kindness, and making my appointments comforting.”
-Sue Giles

“Very pleasant, easy to work with, no pain, on time appointments and explains everything.”
-Don Zicky

“Dr. Rebecca Hausten provides dental care of the highest caliber. She is a complete professional in all aspects of her work and meets the highest possible standards of care. She is warm, genuinely interested in her patients’ well-being, and extremely thorough in her explanations and diagnostic work. Her collaborative style and authentic engagement with her patients are unparalleled in health care.“
-Robin Young

“Dr. Becky is the best!! Wonderful dentist, of course, but also very warm and friendly… and most of all, caring. Coming to her office is like coming to family! She is one-of-a-kind.”
-June Hurd

“Our whole family loves Dr. Hausten. Our children look forward to coming to the dentist!”
-Maria Mothershed

“Dr. Hausten is very gracious, gentle and did the best oral exam I’ve ever had. In my estimation, she knows just how much she is capable of and refers patients if she feels they need anything further.”
-Ruth Lapham

“I love how Dr. Hausten takes her time with me. I have sensitive gums and she never rushes.”
-Susan Leston

“Dr. Rebecca was my mom’s dentist too, and both mom and I love her. She is very kind, very considerate and is very capable.”
-Roalda J. Alderman

“Always friendly and interested in life beyond teeth, but also current on dentistry and how best to protect my aging teeth. Takes extreme care to avoid pain.”
-Richard Darrah

“I have been getting dental care from Dr. Hausten for over 20 years. She takes the time necessary to be sure that I understand what needs to be done and why. She takes a personal approach which I appreciate. I would give an unqualified recommendation to Dr. Hausten.”
-William Deitch

“Our family has known Dr. Becky Hausten ever since she first started her practice. She is honest, personable, and willing to take the time to answer any questions or concerns. Dr. Becky is proactive in saving and maintaining healthy teeth. She keeps a watchful eye on any problems that might arise. This is her expertise.

Over time, she has established rapport with many associates in the dental field. These associates complement her practice. They work to provide quality care.

Over the years, we have learned and experienced more about the dental challenge than anyone could have imagined. Try looking out for those cavities or structural problems. It can be quite challenging. Did you ever get to see a real live nerve in a tooth? How about a picture of your teeth?

Saving teeth is important. that’s what she has done for our family and is continuing to do so.”

-Sharon, Marty, Melissa and April Strzelczyk

“Dr. Hausten has been my dentist for many years and I always know that she does her best for me. My teeth have needed work over the years and Dr. Hausten has been on top of the correct method to use in my mouth. When I moved out of state, I knew that I couldn’t trust another dentist as much as I trust Dr. Hausten. Besides being an expert in her field she is a friend.”
-Maureen Darling

“Dr. Hausten and Dana have been so welcoming to my 88-year-old mom. She moved up here from Tennessee and needed a dentist. They are wonderful with giving helpful advice and information. My mom feels that this is the very best dental office she has ever used! The doc is gentle and thorough. She has referred us to excellent specialists as needed.”
-Judy Smith (for Ruth Lapham)

“Dr. Becky is super. She is very caring — especially toward scared-ey cats like me — who hated to come to the dentist. She works to keep your teeth healthy. I recommend her all the time to my friends!”
-Grace Tampa

“Dear Dr. Becky,

Thanks so much for taking such good care of my teeth over the last 20 years! I was just telling my husband the other day I don’t trust going to anyone else. Thought I would share that with you.

I appreciate the time you take to answer my many many questions about the dental processes and what’s happening with my teeth and for showing me areas of concern via your mini camera and monitor. I heard a horror story from a friend about how her dentist made up issues with her teeth so she would have more dental work done, thus lots more money in the dentist’s pocket. I was appalled when I heard this. I don’t have any of those concerns with you. I’ve often found you have come up with some good creative solutions to problem areas with my teeth in order to save me money. I am really grateful for that. I trust your expertise in your field and appreciate that you keep up with the latest technology and equipment making my experience much more positive and allowing you to do your work in a better way. And lastly, thanks for all your patience when I had to come back so many times to get my overall bite adjusted. My teeth weren’t hitting right when I got a new crown. You were amazing! You kept grinding a little here and a little there until my bite was right. I will never forget that.

I want you to know, I always recommend you to anyone who is looking for a new dentist. I tell them you’re the BEST!

Here’s to many more years of drilling, filling, and cleaning together! Warmly,”
-Ellen Rising Morris

“Dr. Hausten is very personable and thorough with my dental care. I would highly recommend her to others.”

– Mary Jane Martin

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